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40 Days for Life at St. Mary’s/St Joseph’s is in the Fall from the last Wednesday in September through the last Sunday before the first Tuesday of November (normal national Election Day.) This year, from September 24 through November 2, 2014

40 Days for Life is 40 Days of being:

Publically Pro-Life (Put up a yard sign. stand with Life Chain or Public Square Rosary. Let your face be seen and known as being pro-life.)

Prayerfully Pro-Life (Sign -up to pray for at least one hour a week for an end to abortion. Better still, pray for one hour every day, and be a 40-hour-hero!)

Peacefully Pro-Life (Always…)

Pro-actively Pro-Life (talk to a neighbor, write to the editor, go to the sidewalk outside an abortion center to pray.)

Email Nance Shaw to sign up to participate

Go to the Pro-Life Outreach for upcoming Pro-Life activities.

Help After An Abortion
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