And Now a Word From Your Pastor

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  • April 27, 2022




                I hope you’re enjoying the new colored format of our bulletin. Now that the bulletin is being printed off-site, it definitely saves a lot of the staff’s time, wear-and-tear on our copier and impels all of us who want our news item in the bulletin to meet a hard deadline. I’m doing my best to get my article in on time. When you’re reading this August issue, I’m sure you’re aware that St. Mary’s

Bazaar is close at hand ….Sunday of Labor Day!

             Each of our Bazaars…St. Joseph’s & St. Mary’s…is that unique annual opportunity for each Community to come together for a common activity, witnessing to the Weekly Activity that binds us together each Sunday, the Eucharistic Celebration. As always, it’s my role as pastor to not only

encourage each individual, each family to help shoulder and participate in the one event which brings all organizations, ministries, young & old together, but to also to let you know how proud I am of the tremendous amount of work that is done by each of you each year ensuring a successful and entertaining Bazaar.

             If you’re new to St. Mary’s, I encourage you and the entire family to seriously search out the many opportunities for you to be part of this great endeavor. If you’re an ole­timer (which means you’ve been around for at least one bazaar), you know how important you are for the Bazaar to be a success. I look forward to working side-by-side with you all and also doing my part.

             You’ll see in this bulletin ‘INGREDIENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL BAZAAR’. It’s a listing of just some of the items that need to be gathered and in place before Bazaar day. Post it on the refrigerator or keep it handy in the car/truck. Call the office if you have something special you’d like to donate. Bazaar Central is set up to give you a place to go for information, turn in and get more raffle tickets, get questions answered, and help deciding which area to volunteer for. The countdown is running as this is being written.

             On another note, a heads up on news in the forthcoming year of our Religious Education (RE) program. Discussion and planning have been going on concerning implementing and having available a Sunday morning session as well as the regular Wednesday evening session. Details are still being worked out and will be shared in the near future. We are very aware of the distance so many of you drive and the time involved in the trip to St. Mary.

               The cost of gas is a factor that has brought about this discussion. We are also aware of how difficult it is for our youth to be free on Wednesday evenings with all the extracurricular activities in schools these days. We have the most hard-working, experienced, and dedicated RE Director who has surrounded herself with outstanding volunteers who give her their advice and support in providing what I believe is one of the best RE programs for our children and youth in the Archdiocese. We are always open and searching for ways to improve our handing on the Faith to those entrusted to our care. As we unroll the details of our RE 2022-2023, please remember that you the parents are the primary educators of your children. We as a Community of Faith do our best to provide a supplementary level to the foundation you have laid. It takes us all cooperating and doing the best we can. Cheryl, our Director, always needs volunteers.