Grow in Faith


“Faith is both a gift of God and a human act by which the believer gives personal adherence to God who invites his response, and freely assents to the whole truth that God has revealed.  SMSJCC programs are designed to reach the head and the heart while helping parishioners to live and experience a more Christ-centered life. It is this revelation of God which the Church proposes for our belief, and which we profess in the Creed, celebrate in the sacraments, live by right conduct that fulfills the twofold commandment of charity (as specified in the ten commandments), and respond to in our prayer of faith. Faith is both a theological virtue given by God as grace, and an obligation which flows from the commandment of God.”

Catechicsm of the Catholic Church, 26, 142, 150, 1814


“Our moral life has its source in faith in God who reveals his love to us. St. Paul speaks of the ‘obedience of faith’ as our first obligation. He shows the ‘ignorance of God’ is the principle and explanation of all moral deviations. Our duty toward God is to believe in him and to bear witness to him.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2087

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