“To be actively pro-life is to contribute to the renewal of society through the promotion of the common good. It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the right to life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop.”                              ~ Pope John Paul II, The Gospel of Life, n.101

It’s Judgmental, Hateful, and Intolerant!

by Judie Brown, American Life league, Feb 25
“It seems that, lately, those who agree that abortion is a woman’s choice are the only ones who are allowed to speak out. If you are pro-life and state this, or hold a sign to make others aware, then you are labeled intolerant, hateful, or hurtful. But we cannot stop using our voices, for the people we speak for do not have voices yet. They are the ones being slaughtered. And we are the ones who must protect them.” [italics added]
At St. Mary and St. Joseph Catholic Community lay parishioners do our best to protect them on all fronts.
Gabriel Project is direct woman to woman help to anyone in a crisis pregnancy. We help Moms especially in our parish and the surrounding areas, by providing a trained “Angel” to walk the pre-birth journey with her.
Write For Life is our especially active “policy” front. When many letters are written to a particular person about a particular topic, they count. Join in the letter-writing brigade.
Pro-Life Outreach is our front that reaches beyond our parish limits to include other churches and other denominations. We evangelize through our common, determined, pro-life cause.
40 Days For Life is the way we join our voices and actions with those across the country and the world. We have been a part of 40 Days For Life since 2008.
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