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The Liturgical Ministers’ Schedule for St. Mary’s is produced by Ministry Scheduler Pro, a software product of Rotunda Software. This program has been in use at St. Mary’s since December, 2008.

The schedules are produced by quarter, allowing about a month before the quarter begins for any necessary changes to be made before the quarter begins. All liturgical ministers are scheduled, including acolytes, sacristans, EMs, lectors, altar servers, hospitality ministers, organists, cantors, and deacons.

All ministers have an opportunity to select preferred services, to indicate times when there are planned absences, to be scheduled as family groups or teams, or to select a specific time and service by month (i.e., lector in 1st Sunday of each month at 7:45 am).

The Ministry Leaders authorize new ministers to be included in the scheduling process after training and instruction.

All Liturgical Ministers are provided with a unique username and password in order to view the schedules.