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As bride and groom-to-be, you are beginning one of the most exciting journeys in your lives. Your marriage liturgy at St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Catholic Churches will be your point of departure for this journey. In order to help make this a memorable occasion for you, your families, and your guests, this information will assist you in understanding about and selecting music that will create an atmosphere that reflects the sacrament as a celebration, uniting God and you in a new relationship. A printed list of guidelines may be obtained here:  Wedding-Guidelines , St -Marys-Rules-for-Weddings



The Marriage Rite is a liturgical celebration, a sacrament of the church. As in any liturgical setting (i.e., Mass), the music is to be chosen with care and discrimination. Since in the liturgy the assembled people of God join with the bride and groom in asking God’s involvement and blessing as a new home is established, the music should accentuate the reverence of the liturgy.

The texts and music should contribute to the worship atmosphere of the service. The selections should be of a musical quality. The texts should correspond to the themes which are inherent in a Christian marriage liturgy (e.g., God’s love for the church displayed through Christ,) forming the foundation for the love a man and woman share; God’s involvement and blessing petitioned for the marriage; the praise of God necessarily expressed when Christians rejoice.
For that reason, operatic selections, art songs, along with popular and theatrical love songs, are inappropriate. While they are being used frequently in marriage services, their texts extol romanticized or secular ideas about love and marriage and, therefore, detract from the worship of God.



 You may reach the Wedding Director, Sue Langston, at the Church (979-777-9407), Please no calls after 8:30pm. Or via email ( to make initial arrangements concerning your music.  All Music and Guests Musicians must be approved by the Director!
Should you prefer to use your own organist and/or accompanists, it will be considered as a possibility. Additionally, it will be necessary to speak with the musicians whom you will be using about their experience, as well as discussing our instruments and practice availability. The Wedding Director will make this determination. You are responsible for providing a list of the proposed music a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the wedding.  There is a $75 fee for the meeting.



Whether you will be having a Simple Service or Mass, the cantor/soloist has an important role. All of our weddings have a cantor present. A cantor will be scheduled for your wedding.
NOTE: If you will be making your own arrangements for a soloist, here are additional responsibilities:

1) Providing a list of the music you have chosen for the approval of the Music Director.

2)  Having original copies available in the key they will be performed

3)  Being prepared well enough that we will only need to practice each selection one time prior to the wedding to determine tempos     and other things which will enhance the music

It has become more common for couples to request our Parish Choir or Bell Ensemble for the wedding. The Parish Choir has participated in numerous weddings — adding a particularly festive touch! Depending upon when your wedding is scheduled, arrangements can be made to have a balanced schola present. This is part of the music ministry fund raising efforts.


The fees for the music are as follows. These fees cover the consultation and professional services the day of your wedding and should be paid in cash either at or prior to the rehearsal:

  • Parish Choir or Bell Ensemble – $250.00 (Donation to Music Ministry)

  • Wedding Director – $300.00

  • Cantor – $75.00

  • Wedding Coordinator – $275.00

  • Instrumentalists (flute, violin, trumpet, guitar etc.) – varies per instrumentalist

  • Sacristan (If you are having a full Mass with a visiting priest) – $150.00

  • The Blowing of the Shofar is available free of charge upon request.

A rehearsal with singers/instrumentalists one hour prior to the wedding is included in the regular fee for the Organist. If your singer/instrumentalist desire additional rehearsals, the fee per rehearsal is $75.00. Additional music not on hand may be an additional fee.



1) St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Church follows all musical and liturgical guidelines set by the Diocese of Galveston-Houston.

2) Usage of pre-recorded tapes or CDs is not permitted whether for music during seating of guests, processionals/recessionals, or to accompany any vocalist. This in keeping with the musical and liturgical guidelines set by the Diocese of Galveston-Houston.

3) The Lord’s Prayer is never sung during the Liturgy so that every person present can participate. If you feel it is necessary to have a solo version performed (such as the Malotte setting), this can be included in the music selected for the seating of your guests prior to the liturgy.

4) The music used prior to and during the Service/Mass must be the same in nature as that which would be used in any Mass. Additionally, the songs must be in keeping with Catholic theology. Secular songs are to be used during the reception.

5) You are not limited to the selections that appear here. Should you prefer something else, please feel free to make this preference known to the Wedding Director. However, you will need to obtain such if it is not in the Church’s music library.






The following music needs to be selected for a SIMPLE SERVICE:



The following music needs to be selected for a MASS:


Additional vocal/instrumental music may be used in the following places:

– During the seating of guests/relatives (Simple Service, Mass)
– Meditation (Mass)
– Taking flowers to the Blessed Mother statue [i.e., Ave Maria] (Simple Service, Mass)

The Solos are offered as examples of additional programming. You are not limited to these choices. They have been put together from popular choices over the years.


Processionals for the Bride and Bridesmaids (click on the title to hear the selection) :

The Prince of Denmark’s March by Clarke

Air from Water Music Suite by Handel

Air for the G String by Bach

Andante by Handel

Canon in D by Pachelbel

St. Anthony Chorale by Brahms

Largo from Four Seasons by Vivaldi

Rondeau by Mouret

Trumpet Tune in D Major by Clarke

Trumpet Tune in D Major by Johnson

Trumpet Voluntary by Stanley



Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by J.S. Bach

Ave Maria by Schubert

Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod

Panis Angelicus by Caesar Franck



Questions? Please contact:

Sue Langston

Director of Music and Weddings 
Mailing address: St. Mary’s Catholic Church
P O Box 388, Plantersville, TX 77363
Cell:(979)777-9407 – Please no calls after 8:30pm.



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